Monday, October 15, 2007

Photo Essays

Below are some photo analysis essays by the Doc Shop students:



Gordon Parks, At the Poverty Board:Bessie and Kenneth, Little Richard, Norman Jr., and Ellen

In this photograph a black family is talking to someone. They also look poor and very sick. What I think is interesting is how they kind of faded away the guy they're talking to. In the picture the people are a family because they're close together. The guy with the glasses looks like he has power because of the mother's face.

In the picture I think the light they used is artifical and soft light. The light is coming from the camera`s flash. There are no visual textures in this photo. I think the with the camera is behind the guy with the glasses and over his shoulder.

The picture is trying to express what happen in the past. The mood in the photo is sadness and very serious. This is what I think about this photo.


Willam H. Jackson, Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone, Wyoming, circa 1870

I think a meteor hit the ocean and a big splash came while a boy was looking over the ocean from a cliff. The photographer picked this because there was a person who was watching the big splash.

A boy is at a cliff at night watching the ocean. The light is coming from the moon.
I think he wanted to show how lonely he was in this big dark time and he was all by his self in this big cruel world.


Paul Strand, People, Streets of New York, 83rd Street and West End Avenue, 1915

I think that in the photo the old lady is going home from church.I think that he took the picture so that the reader would wonder what is happening in the picture. The light in the picture is natural because the light is coming from the sun and they wouldn't do that for one small picture.

The photographer chose to put a building because then it would rattle the readers mind .
The CENTRAL THING is the lady but the other is the building.I think that the photographer's intention was making the person wonder where was the building and why the lady was there by herself.

Makeeda (Nia)

Elliot Erwitt, New York, 1950

In the photograph, someone spilled their beverage on the floor. The thing that interested the photgrapher was that there was a spill on the floor, no one picked it up, and a guy passed by and that's when the photgrapher took it. The relationship between the people and the other elements is that the cup was dropped and spilled.

The light seems to be natural,soft, and light is coming from their right and my left. The photographer chose to include a light shade one side is zoomed more in on the spill. The sidewalk, cars, and buildings were probably left out of the frame because it isn't important. The textures are that the spill is moisture and the pants are a soft texture. The shoes are smooth, soft, polishy, and shiny. I think that they were standing up on the sidewalk about 2-5 inches away from the sidewalk. I would change it by taking it a step further and zooming in more to really study the spill.

The first thing that I see when I close my eyes is the spill in the picture because it is the biggest object in the picture. There are visual contrast. For example: There was a spot of light and dar filling thr picture. I think that the photographer was trying to express that there are many thing that happen around the world on the streets relating to litter. I see that there is a spill on the floor. The mood is trying to create a feeling of sadness because it is sad that people still litter and make the streets,these days, insafe because of pollution that might cause asthma.

We hope you like our essays and we would love to hear what YOU think about the photos too!